BAS OnSite

BAS OnSite

Apr 1

OnSite: The Via Dolorosa

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

 According to many Christian traditions, the Via Dolorosa (Latin for the “Way of Suffering”) marks the processional route taken by Jesus of Nazareth on […]

Looking out on Beth Shean National Park. Courtesy Nathan Steinmeyer, BAS.

Jan 22

OnSite: Beth Shean

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Located at the convergence of the Jezreel and Jordan Valleys, Beth Shean is one of the best-preserved Roman cities in Israel. Mentioned several times in […]

May 26

Nomadic Biblical Kingdoms

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

 Was ancient Israel’s United Monarchy a semi-nomadic kingdom that is now largely invisible to modern archaeology? Some archaeologists think so. To better understand this […]


Apr 21

OnSite: Petra

By: Nathan Steinmeyer and Glenn Corbett

Tucked away in the sandstone cliffs of southern Jordan sits a wonder of the ancient world: Petra of the Nabateans. Whether it is the stunning […]

Jan 20

Digging In: El-Araj

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

 Hear from archaeologists, volunteers, and students excavating El-Araj in this exclusive video. This is the latest post in Bible History Daily’s ongoing series about […]

Dec 19

OnSite: Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

 Six miles south of Jerusalem sits what is thought to be the oldest continually used place of Christian worship in the world, Bethlehem’s Church […]

Oct 14

Digging In: Tel Azekah

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

 Hear from volunteers and students excavating Tel Azekah in this exclusive video. This is the third post in an exclusive Bible History Daily series […]

Sep 12

OnSite: Herodium

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

  Eight miles southeast of Jerusalem sits one of the greatest architectural marvels of ancient Judea, the Herodium. Constructed by the infamous Herod the Great […]

Aug 22

Digging In: Tel Shimron

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

 This is the second post in an exclusive Bible History Daily series on excavating in the Bible lands. Tel Shimron is one of the […]

Jul 29

OnSite: Tel Gezer

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

 Throughout history, Tel Gezer played an important role in the cultural-political milieu of the strategic coastal plain of the southern Levant. To most, the […]