Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

Phoenician Ships

Oct 14

Phoenicians Sailing to the New World

By: Jonathan Laden

It has already been established that Columbus was not the first European to lead an expedition to the “New World,” across the vast Atlantic Ocean […]

Isfehani Dome and Gardens, Iran

Sep 13

A Glimpse of Isfahani Architecture

By: Samuel D. Pfister

Although many readers may be familiar with the characteristic architectural features of a typical mosque—tall minarets and ornate, often gold-capped domes—few readers of BAR may […]

Karnak Wall

Sep 3

Biblical History at Karnak Temple

By: Don Knebel

Mr. Don Knebel traveled with BAS to Egypt in 2007; subsequently Jordan and many other places in the world.  In 2015 he wrote “Flushed with Curiosity; […]

Robert Cargill

Jun 25

First Person: Who Owns History?

By: Robert Cargill

The Met repatriated a looted artifact to Egypt. Will other museums follow their example?


Jun 11

The Antiquities Market—A “Cat and Mouse Game”

By: Abigail VanderHart

How the Israel Antiquities Authority’s Theft Prevention Unit stays one step ahead of the black market.


Jun 10

Archaeological Looting and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage

By: Robin Ngo

In the Middle East, archaeological looting and the deliberate destruction of archaeological sites and monuments are rampant. What, if anything, can be done?


Jun 9

Endangered Heritage: Archaeological Looting in Turkey

By: Marek Dospěl

According to Mark R. Fairchild, archaeological looting is alive and well in rural and remote areas of Turkey.


May 7

The Arch of Titus’s Menorah Panel in Color

By: Megan Sauter

Using technology, a team has digitally restored a panel from the Arch of Titus—which famously depicts captured treasures from Jerusalem’s Temple being paraded through Rome—to its original color.

May 6

Putting a Price Tag on History

By: BAS Staff

In 2018, Christie’s Auction House sold an ancient Assyrian relief for $31 million, setting a new world record for Assyrian art.

Mar 12

The Arch of Titus in Color

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Watch an exclusive video of digital scanning conducted on the famed Arch of Titus.