Biblical Archaeology Topics

Biblical Archaeology Topics

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Dec 11

Scholarship Winners Speak Up

By: BAS Staff

Congratulations to our 2019 dig scholarship recipients! The Biblical Archaeology Society awarded scholarships to 12 individuals who would otherwise not have been able to participate […]

Scroll of Esther

Dec 11

Biblical Hebrew Phases: A Case Study

By: Ronald S. Hendel and Jan Joosten

The contrast between Classical and Late Biblical Hebrew is best illustrated by juxtaposing two extracts of biblical prose narrative, one from each corpus. Classical Biblical […]

Dec 2

Warehouse Clearance! — Every Book and DVD under $10

By: Jonathan Laden

In more than 40 years, we have never held a sale like this. For amateur archaeologists, students of Bible history, anyone interested in bible study, […]

Nov 25

The Complex Societies of Biblical-era Nomads

By: Jonathan Laden

Is archaeology biased against biblical nomads? Because modern archaeologists can find and analyze architectural remains more easily than ancient nomadic camp sites, do they falsely […]

Oct 9

Biblical Archaeology Society 2019 Publication Awards Winners

By: BAS Staff

These prestigious awards for books about archaeology and the Bible have been made possible by grants from: The Rohr Family in Memory of Sami Rohr […]


Sep 30

Archaeological Views: Missing from the Picture

By: Jennie Ebeling

Women have made important contributions to digs in the Holy Land since the early days of archaeology. Photographs in excavation reports from the late 19th […]

Codex Gigas

Sep 11

Aramaic Biographies of Angels and Demons

By: Andrew Perrin

Part of the challenge and opportunity of studying the Bible is that, while it often feels familiar, it comes from a foreign context. The texts […]


Jul 1

High Places, Altars and the Bamah

By: Ellen White

The open-air altar shrine, called a bamah (plural bamot), is known through several books of the Biblical canon. Often referred to as “high places” in translations of the Bible, bamot were worship sites that usually contained an altar.


Jun 4

Adam and Eve

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In a BAS Library special collection of articles, learn about a controversial interpretation of the creation of woman, and explore other themes related to Adam and Eve in the Bible.

Babylonian Flood tablet

May 5

Noah and the Flood

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In a BAS Library Special Collection, BAS editors have hand-selected articles from Biblical Archaeology Review and Bible Review that examine the Genesis flood, its interpretations, and what the similar Babylonian flood stories can teach us.