Archaeologists, Biblical Scholars & Works

Archaeologists, Biblical Scholars & Works

Tom Parker with Aphrodite at Petra

Oct 18

Milestones: S. Thomas Parker (1950–2021)

By: Megan Perry

Thomas (Tom) Parker, renowned archaeologist of Roman Jordan, passed away suddenly on September 12, 2021 in Raleigh, North Carolina at the age of 71. Tom had a long research career in Jordan, where he directed the Limes Arabicus and Roman Aqaba Projects and co-directed the Petra North Ridge Project.

Bert de Vries

Sep 22

Milestones: Bert de Vries (1939-2021)

By: Barbara A. Porter

On March 28, Bert de Vries, long time director of the Umm al Jimal excavations in Jordan and former director of the American Center of […]

George F. Bass

Sep 8

Milestones: George F. Bass (1932–2021)

By: Shelley Wachsmann

George F. Bass, who established the discipline of nautical archaeology, died on March 2, 2021, at the age of 88. During his first semester in […]

Aug 27

Biblical Archaeology for the People

By: BAS Staff

Hershel Shanks founded the Biblical Archaeology Society in 1974 and published his first issue of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) in 1975. From the beginning, his […]

Dr. Eilat Mazar

May 26

Remembering Eilat Mazar

By: Megan Sauter

Dr. Eilat Mazar (1956–2021), who passed away on May 25, 2021, was archaeology royalty. Her grandfather, Benjamin Mazar, directed excavations at Beth Shearim, Tell Qasile, […]

May 2

Understanding the Good Samaritan Parable

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Who were the Samaritans? Dr. Amy-Jill Levine of Vanderbilt University explains how getting an accurate answer to this question can shed light on how shocking the Good Samaritan parable would have been for Jesus’ audience.

The Bible with and Without Jesus Cover

Mar 22

The Bible With and Without Jesus

By: Marc Zvi Brettler and Amy-Jill Levine

The title of this blogpost is also the title of the book we recently coauthored. The Bible With and Without Jesus (HarperOne 2020) asks how […]

James A. Sanders

Mar 14

In Memory: James A. Sanders

By: Marvin A. Sweeney

James Alvin Sanders, Professor Emeritus of Intertestamental and Biblical Literature at the Claremont School of Theology, passed away in his home on October 1, 2020. […]

Feb 8

Unwavering and Obstreperous 

By: William G. Dever 

I’m one of the few people who can say they knew Hershel Shanks and BAR before they both became famous. In 1972, when I was […]

Feb 8

Scaling Ivory Towers

By: Alan Millard

To see yourself as others see you can be helpful, instructive, revealing, disconcerting, and even irritating! Hershel styles himself “an archaeology outsider” in his autobiography. […]