Daily Life and Practice

Daily Life and Practice


Jul 2

Herod the Great’s Ancient Gardens

By: Marek Dospěl

Learn how scholars identify ancient gardens, what Herod’s gardens looked like, and how they fit in the larger landscape.


Jun 13

Classical Corner: The Antonine Plague and the Spread of Christianity

By: Sarah K. Yeomans

Did the Antonine Plague influence shifts in religious practices at the end of the second century C.E.?


May 29

Classical Corner: Checking Out Roman Libraries

By: Christina Triantafillou

Excavations in the city of Cologne have uncovered the remains of Germany’s oldest library.


May 23

Cheers! Scholars Brew Ancient Beer with Millennia-Old Ingredients

By: Robin Ngo

A recently published paper describes researchers using ancient ingredients to recreate ancient beers.

May 17

What Was Life Like for Roman Slaves?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In the southwest of Asia Minor, at the site of Aphrodisias, Turkey, archaeology has provided insight into the lives of Roman slaves, including a man named Zoilos who earned his freedom.

May 1

No, No, Bad Dog: Dogs in the Bible

By: Ellen White

Dogs—or celeb in Hebrew—were not well loved in the Bible. Given the negative associations with dogs, it is surprising that one of the great Hebrew spies bears this name.


Apr 23

What Did People Eat and Drink in Roman Palestine?

By: Megan Sauter

Go on a culinary adventure through historical and archaeological remains to reconstruct the diet of the average person in Roman Palestine.


Apr 20

Ancient Synagogues in Israel and the Diaspora

By: Megan Sauter

Were there synagogues before the Romans destroyed the Temple, or did they develop only afterward? Communal structures from the Second Temple period have been discovered, but should they be considered synagogues even though they don’t share the major architectural feature common to post-destruction synagogues?

Apr 15

Making Sense of Kosher Laws

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

The origins of Jewish dietary or kosher laws (kashrut) have long been the subject of scholarly research and debate.

Mar 26

Was Biblical Israel an Egalitarian Society?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Although excavated structures, pottery and other household artifacts offer a glimpse of daily life in the Iron Age highlands of Canaan, no burials or tombs have been found. What do these findings reveal about the ideology of early Iron Age Israelite society?