Daily Life and Practice

Daily Life and Practice

Apr 19

Bronze Age Fashion

By: Jennifer Drummond

Vestis Virum Facit—clothes make the man. While this quote has been (wrongly) attributed to Roman educator Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, its dubious authenticity doesn’t make it […]

Apr 11

Fruit in the Bible

By: David Moster

Seeds and fruit remains are exciting discoveries for archaeologists, and they provide radiocarbon data to help date buried strata. Fruit also plays an important role in the Biblical narrative.


Mar 29

Which Altar Was the Right One in Ancient Israelite Religion?

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

What do Iron Age altars tell us about Biblical sacrifices and worship in ancient Israelite religion?

Biblical Bread Baking

Mar 23

Biblical Bread: Baking Like the Ancient Israelites

By: Cynthia Shafer-Elliott

A team from the Tell Halif archaeological excavation made their own tannur, a traditional oven referenced in the Hebrew Bible, and baked bread in it.

Pottery Figurine from 2500 years ago

Mar 10

Amulet from Bible Times Found by Child

By: Jonathan Laden

An 11-year-old found a rare pottery figurine in the Negev from biblical times.

Globi: BAR's Roman Doughnutds

Mar 4

BAR Test Kitchen: Globi

By: Jenn Drummond

Doughnuts are a delicious phenomenon; they even have their own calendar day (June 4 in 2021). In this installment of BAR Test Kitchen, we will be making […]

Joshua and Caleb

Feb 28

No, No, Bad Dog: Dogs in the Bible

By: Ellen White

Dogs—or celeb in Hebrew—were not well loved in the Bible. Given the negative associations with dogs, it is surprising that one of the great Hebrew spies bears this name.

Jewish Catacombs in Rome

Feb 25

Last Words

By: Marek Dospěl

Death is the great equalizer. You probably know the saying, and, yes, everyone dies one day, and nobody can live forever. But that’s where this […]

Jan 22

The Origins of Democracy

By: James Sickinger

When we think of democracy, we usually think of the ancient Greeks, but identifying the exact origins of political practices can be tricky.


Jan 7

Lasting Impressions from Ancient Maresha 

By: Marek Dospěl

Archaeologists excavating the Hellenistic city of Maresha made a stunning discovery in 2018, when they stumbled upon what must have been an ancient archive. So […]