Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome

City of David inscription

May 29

Second Temple Period Receipt Found in the City of David

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

During a salvage excavation of a 19th-century excavation tunnel underneath the City of David, archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) discovered a fragmentary inscription […]

May 3

Rare Evidence for Roman Crucifixion Found in Second-Century Britain

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

A surprise discovery has shed light on the gruesome execution practice of Roman crucifixion. As first reported in December 2021 in the magazine British Archaeology, a […]

Lost roman army camp

May 1

Lost Roman Army Camps Discovered in Jordan

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

While carrying out a satellite survey of the Jordan-Saudi border region, a team of archaeologists from the University of Oxford made an unexpected discovery: three […]

Apr 24

Pontius Pilate’s Ring Reexamined

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Is this Pontius Pilate’s ring? First published in 2018, the small copper ring quickly made international headlines with its captivating one-word Greek inscription: ΠΙΛΑΤΟ (Pilato)—the […]

nabatean temple

Apr 17

Submerged Nabatean Temple Found

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

A team of marine archaeologists working off the coast of Italy has identified a submerged Nabatean temple dating to the early first century CE, according […]

Herculaneum Scrolls

Mar 24

The Race to Read the Herculaneum Scrolls

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Discovered in the library of a luxurious villa, the Herculaneum scrolls may be one of the most important sources of information on the ancient world […]

The secret of Roman Concrete

Mar 20

The Secret of Roman Concrete

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

From the Pantheon of Rome to the port of Caesarea Maritima, Roman buildings have stood the test of time, thanks to one specific material: Roman […]

Mt. Vesuvius

Jan 17

The Survivors of Mount Vesuvius

By: Jonathan Laden

Scholars have long debated whether there were many survivors of the volcanic eruption in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Steven L. Tuck finds the survivors.

excavating Pompeii

Oct 3

Excavating Pompeii’s Middle Class

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Despite hundreds of years of archaeological work in the ancient city, those excavating Pompeii continue to uncover amazing new finds. As announced by the Archaeological […]

Crusader Sword Discovered

Nov 10

Crusader Sword Discovered

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

A  Crusader sword discovered off of the cost of Israel on the seafloor by a diver was handed over to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). […]