Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome


May 17

Locating Plato’s Burial

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Although scholars have long suspected that Plato, one of the most famous philosophers of antiquity, was buried within the grounds of the school he helped […]

May 16

The Apostle Peter in Rome

By: Nicola Denzey Lewis

Brown University Religious Studies professor Nicola Denzey Lewis answers frequently asked questions about the apostle Peter. Denzey Lewis appears in the CNN series Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery, which aims to investigate artifacts that shed light on the world in which Jesus lived.

Grapes, ready for the harvest. Courtesy Photo Companion to the Bible, Genesis.

May 13

Tasting Roman Wine from the Time of Jesus

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Wine has been synonymous with the Mediterranean world since before the time of Jesus, 2,000 years ago. Indeed, wine is attested in practically any ancient […],_un_relato_no_mundo,_01-24b,_Viaxe_de_Exeria.jpg

May 1

Text Treasures: The Pilgrimage of Egeria

By: BAS Staff

Egeria’s Travels is an early Christian pilgrimage account by an educated and well-traveled woman from the Roman province of Galicia (in modern Spain) that tells […]

Augustus of Prima Porta, Vatican Museum. Public Domain.

Apr 29

Has the Site of Augustus’s Death Been Discovered?

By: BAS Staff

Excavations carried out in Italy on the northern slopes of Mt. Vesuvius by the University of Tokyo have uncovered what could very well be the […]

Westward view over the harbor at Fair Havens, on the southern coast of Crete. Photo courtesy of Mark Wilson

Apr 24

The Pax Romana and Maritime Travel

By: Jennifer Drummond

The Pax Romana, or “Roman Peace,” is what many often term the Roman Empire’s unprecedented period of peace and economic prosperity between 27 BCE and […]

Fresco of Helen and Paris from the newly excavated dining room. Image courtesy of the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Apr 22

New Frescoes Discovered at Pompeii

By: BAS Staff

Ongoing excavations at the Italian site of Pompeii recently revealed a spectacular dining hall with elegant black walls, decorated with beautiful frescoes featuring mythological scenes […]

Stacks of building materials found in the atrium of the Pompeii town house, including stone blocks, tuff, orderly rows of roof tiles. Image courtesy of Italian Ministry of Culture

Apr 8

Roman Construction Site Uncovered at Pompeii

By: BAS Staff

Researchers recently uncovered the remains of a construction site at Pompeii that remained undisturbed and preserved for nearly 2,000 years. This exciting discovery opens new […]

Mar 11

Pompeii Reborn

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

The Pompeii Archaeological Park is launching a 100-million-euro project aimed at regenerating the archaeological and urban landscape of the ancient Roman city. As well as […]

Roman legionary camp of Legio

Feb 16

More of Megiddo’s Roman Legionary Camp Revealed

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

During excavations at the site of Legio, at the foot of Tel Megiddo in northern Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) uncovered the main road […]