Ancient Israel

Ancient Israel


Dec 31

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

By: Megan Sauter

In ancient Israel, were gluttony and drunkenness—excessive eating and drinking—viewed as acceptable behaviors? As it turns out, the answer is somewhat complicated. On the one […]

Gethsemane Ritual Bath

Dec 29

Remains Found at Gethsemane

By: Jonathan Laden

Near the modern Gethsemane Church, at the foot of the Mount of Olives, excavations have revealed the remains of a Second Temple period mikveh (ritual […]

Antiochus IV--Epiphanes

Dec 16

Antiochus Epiphanes—The Bible’s Most Notoriously Forgotten Villain

By: John Gregory Drummond

Many names come to mind when someone mentions the great “villains” of the Bible. Some are foreign powers, like the Pharaoh of the Exodus or […]


Dec 12

First Person: Did the Kingdoms of Saul, David and Solomon Actually Exist?

By: Hershel Shanks

In BAR, Hershel Shanks examines a recent article published by archaeologist Amihai Mazar. Mazar contends that while the Biblical narratives were written hundreds of years after the reigns of Saul, David and Solomon, they “retain memories of reality.”

Model of typical Pillared House

Dec 2

Living in Ancient Judah

By: Jonathan Laden

A new virtual exhibition, Daily Life in an Ancient Judean Town, has been announced by the Badè Museum of Biblical Archaeology. It promises to cover […]


Nov 20

Marijuana Found at Ancient Temple in Israel

By: Jonathan Laden

Judahite Shrine of Tel Arad from 8th century B.C.E. has residue of cannabis and of frankincense

The juglet and the gold coins

Nov 19

1,000-year-old Gold Coins Found

By: Jonathan Laden

Four ancient gold coins were found during an excavation in the Old City of Jerusalem. They were from the late 940s to 970s C.E., a […]


Nov 10

Asherah and the Asherim: Goddess or Cult Symbol?

By: Ellen White

Who is Asherah? What is asherah? The reference may be to a particular goddess, a class of goddess or a cult symbol used to represent the goddess. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish what meaning is intended.

Jars and object found at Beit El

Nov 8

Second Temple Period Jars Found

By: Jonathan Laden

Clay objects and dozens of jars were found in what had been a water hole at the Khirbet Kafr Mer site in Beit El, on […]

Galilee Farm with Mikveh

Oct 8

2,000-year-old Mikveh found in Lower Galilee

By: Jonathan Laden

An archaeological salvage dig found the remains of a Jewish farmstead from the Second Temple period, around the time of Jesus. Researchers are confident the […]