Ancient Israel

Ancient Israel

Brozne Age Scarab

Dec 5

Bronze Age Scarab Discovered During School Field Trip

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

It is not every day you discover a Bronze Age scarab completely by accident. Yet this is exactly what happened to Gilad Stern while he […]

Church of Byzantine Christians

Dec 2

Inscriptions of Everyday Byzantine Christians Discovered

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

As Yana Qadem, conservator for the Hippos-Sussita expedition in the Galilee, carefully removed dirt from a previously excavated mosaic, she made an unexpected discovery that […]

Oldest Written Canaanite Sentence Found

Nov 11

Oldest Canaanite Sentence Found

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

The oldest Canaanite sentence has been discovered at the site of Tel Lachish, according to an article published in the Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology. The […]

Nov 4

Who Is Balaam Son of Beor? Part Three

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Although mentioned only a few times in the Hebrew Bible, Balaam son of Beor remains an extraordinary and intriguing figure and one of the earliest […]

monumental incription

Oct 31

Hezekiah’s Monumental Inscription?

By: BAS Staff

Archaeologist Eli Shukron and University of Haifa professor Gershon Galil have made headlines with their announcement of a fragmentary monumental inscription that they believe mentions […]


Oct 28

Dating Biblical Wars through Magnetic Fields

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Archaeologists often use destruction layers to help date ancient sites, especially when the destructions can be linked to known events, such as the biblical war […]

timna mines

Oct 21

How the Timna Mines Went Bust

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

For thousands of years the minerally rich Timna mines, in southern Israel, produces massive quantities of copper ore. Yet, in the early Iron Age, the […]


Oct 17

Mud, Monks, and Mosaics

By: Matthew Burden

It’s not everyone’s idea of fun to do unpaid manual labor in the sweltering heat of an Israeli summer. But for those who know the […]


Oct 16

The Magdala Stone: The Jerusalem Temple Embodied

By: Jennifer Ristine

For a people living in the diaspora, unable to visit the Jerusalem Temple frequently, what kept the memory and centrality of the Temple fresh in their minds? An intriguing stone uncovered at the Galilean site of Magdala might offer a clue.

Roman coin hoard

Oct 7

Roman Coin Hoard Discovered at Banias

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

While conducting a salvage excavation at the Banias Nature Reserve, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) discovered a Roman coin hoard dating to the final years […]