Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

wooden sarcophagi

Jun 10

Hundreds of Egyptian Sarcophagi Uncovered in the Saqqara Tombs

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Excavations at the site of the ancient Saqqara tombs continue to amaze with the discovery of 250 sarcophagi and 150 statuettes. The discovery was announced […]

The Pyramin of Pharaoh Djoser

May 17

Pharaoh’s Brick Makers

By: Marek Dospěl

What does the Bibleclaim about the Israelites’ forced labor for the Pharaoh? Looking for the most plausible match in ancient Egyptian architecture.

May 2

Temple of Zeus Uncovered in Egyptian Sinai

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

As announced by Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of an ancient temple of Zeus Kasios at the site of […]

Apr 17

Joseph in Egypt

By: Marek Dospěl

The biblical figure of Joseph offers one of the most fascinating narratives of the Hebrew Bible. Genesis 37–50 tells the intricate and adventurous story that […]

the head of of a two new sphinxes in Egypt

Mar 7

Archaeologists Discover Two Lost Sphinxes in Egypt

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Although the Great Sphinx of Giza is the best known, it is only one of many sphinxes in Egypt. In early 2022 the Egyptian Ministry […]

Jan 17

Copper and the History of the Alphabet in Ancient Egypt

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities announced that an archaeological excavation at the site of Wadi al-Nasb in southern Sinai uncovered a 4,000-year-old administrative center. The […]

Saqqara Coffin

Jan 2

Funerary Temple Found in Saqqara

By: Jonathan Laden

On January 17, 2021, the Egyptian archaeological mission announced the discovery in Saqqara of an Old Kingdom funerary temple. They also found a four-meter-long papyrus […]

Ancient Christtian Settlement in Egypt

Aug 18

Ancient Christian Settlement Discovered in Egypt

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

Marea, a Christian settlement built in Egypt shortly after the conquest of Alexander the Great, was 25 miles southwest of Alexandria. The newly discovered portions of the site date to the sixth century C.E., when Marea served as a waystation for Christian pilgrims traveling to Abu Mena, the location of the tomb of the martyr Menas of Alexandria.

Egyptian Canaanite

Jul 7

Copper Mines in the Arabah

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

New Kingdom Egypt’s copper likely originated in the Arabah, the wide desert valley that forms the modern border between Israel and Jordan. In addition to showing trade connections, this discovery could also provide new evidence on the reasons for the famous military expedition of the Egyptian pharaoh Shoshenq I (biblical Shishak) to the southern Levant in the mid-tenth century B.C.E.

Apries' Stele

Jul 1

New Stele of Biblical Pharaoh Found

By: Nathan Steinmeyer

While digging in his field, an Egyptian farmer recently made the discovery of a lifetime, a roughly 2-meter-tall royal stele. The stele, which was discovered […]