Biblical Archaeology Topics

Biblical Archaeology Topics


Jul 1

High Places, Altars and the Bamah

By: Ellen White

The open-air altar shrine, called a bamah (plural bamot), is known through several books of the Biblical canon. Often referred to as “high places” in translations of the Bible, bamot were worship sites that usually contained an altar.


Jun 4

Adam and Eve

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In a BAS Library special collection of articles, learn about a controversial interpretation of the creation of woman, and explore other themes related to Adam and Eve in the Bible.

Babylonian Flood tablet

May 5

Noah and the Flood

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

In a BAS Library Special Collection, BAS editors have hand-selected articles from Biblical Archaeology Review and Bible Review that examine the Genesis flood, its interpretations, and what the similar Babylonian flood stories can teach us.

Apr 19

Call for Entries: BAS Publication Awards 2019

By: BAS Staff

Nominations are invited for the 2019 Biblical Archaeology Society Publication Awards, for books published in 2017 and 2018.

Apr 3

How Was Jesus’ Tomb Sealed?

By: Megan Sauter

What kind of stone sealed the tomb of Jesus? Was it a round (disk-shaped) stone or a square (cork-shaped) stone? While both kinds of blocking stones are attested in Jerusalem tombs from the time of Jesus, square (cork-shaped) stones are much, much more common than round (disk-shaped) ones.

Jan 17

Tel Achzib in Arkansas Is Fake—And Everybody Knows It!

By: Megan Sauter

Those searching for Biblical archaeology field schools would not think to look in Arkansas. And rightly so! Biblical archaeology field schools typically are located at […]

Dec 31

Top 10 Bible History Daily Posts in 2018

By: Robin Ngo

Check out the top 10 Bible History Daily blog posts published in 2018 that received the most web traffic.

Dec 26

Digs 2019: A Day in the Life

By: Robert Cargill

When the alarm clock blares at 4 a.m., it’s time to get up and start the dig day. Join BAR Editor Robert R. Cargill in his trademark tie-dye shirt as he walks you through a typical day in the life of an archaeological dig participant.


Dec 10

2018 BAS Scholarship Winners

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Straight from the field to you, hear from the individuals who were awarded BAS dig scholarships in 2018.

Dec 4

MOOC—Biblical Archaeology: The Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Judah

By: Biblical Archaeology Society Staff

Aren Maeir is offering a MOOC titled “Biblical Archaeology: The Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Judah” online on the EdX platform.