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Winter 2022 Caption Contest Winners

Biblical Archaeology Review Winter 2022: Winners

And the Winner Is …

Image credit: Eric Carlson

We should have borrowed Jacob’s ladder for this job!
Daniel Rys, Cape Coral, Florida

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our Winter 2022 cartoon, based on Joshua 4:8: “The Israelites did as Joshua commanded. They took up twelve stones out of the middle of the Jordan, according to the number of the tribes of the Israelites, as the Lord had told Joshua, carried them over with them to the place where they camped, and laid them down there.” We are pleased to congratulate Daniel Rys of Cape Coral, Florida, who wrote the winning caption.


“We may need more than gravity to hold these tribes together!”
Jim Talens, Boynton Beach, Florida

“Forget the milk and honey. Find me some Super Glue!”
—Carol Radford, Saint Clair, Missouri

Honorable Mentions:

Jenga on the Jordan.
Tim McGeehan, Arlington, Virginia

“No, stop! It’s not in alphabetical order.”
Paul Nash, Port Jefferson Station, New York

“Couldn’t we have just put up a plaque like everyone else?”
Rich Wolf, Westminster, Maryland

“Man, I just can’t get the tribe of Joseph to stay!”
—Hans Perry, Casper, Wyoming

“Not too high, remember Babel!”
Bara Loveland, Rimrock, Arizona

“Careful not to topple our nation yet!”
—Gary Robinson, Weatherford, Texas

“How about splitting the top stone in two and naming them Ephraim and Manasseh?”
Judith Shalitt, Lakewood, New Jersey

“Who’s going to be the webmaster for this Ancestry site, Joshua?”
Wayne Brindle, Lynchburg, Virginia

“Now we know the backstory of why the tribe of Joseph was split in two!”
—Jeanne McDaniel, Saint Maries, Idaho

“There, that’ll be the pillar of Israelite civilization.”
Bernard Witlieb, White Plains, New York

“Um, I know this may be a little late, but should those be in birth order?”
—Stevie Thomas, Catonsville, Maryland

“Who said that nation building was easy?”
—Rev. John L. Topolewsk, Lempster, New Hampshire

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