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Winter 2020 Caption Contest Winners

Biblical Archaeology Review Winter 2020: Winners

And the Winner Is …

                       Credit: Dan McClellan

“Sure it floats. It’s an ark …”

—Chip Stansbury, Raleigh, North Carolina

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our Winter 2020 cartoon, based on Joshua 3:14–17. We are pleased to congratulate Chip Stansbury of Raleigh, North Carolina, who wrote the winning caption.



“I wonder if Moses had this problem!”

—Michael Alm, Greeley, Colorado


“Don’t worry about the mud. I brought chains.”

—John T. Schulenberg, Kerrville, Texas


Honorable Mentions:

“When they write all this down later, I bet you they omit all the mud.”

—Genevieve Stephens, Edgewood, New Mexico


“Hey Joshua, I thought you said we’d be crossing on dry land!”

—Judith Cahoon, Harbinger, North Carolina


“This doesn’t look like milk and honey at all!”

—Dani Margolis, Ramat HaShofet, Megiddo, Israel


“Now I see why they wanted us to go first!”

—Tim Tuinstra, Sparta, Michigan


“Good thing we had a successful dry run crossing the Reed Sea.”

—Sam N. Lehman-Wilzig, Kfar Saba, Israel


“So, I just got new sandals.”

—Dennis Newquist, Abilene, Texas


“Little did the Torah Scouts know about the future that awaited them as they completed their ‘Ark Carrying’ and ‘Pole Holding’” merit badges!

—Phil Jackson, Danville, Illinois


“Is it waterproof? … Just in case.”

—Marcelle Levy-Santoro, Syosset, New York


“Are you sure this is the right route to the Promise Land?”

—Barbara Placek, Harding, Pennsylvania


“It doesn’t feel so dry to me.”

—Charles Earl Bagby, San Antonio, Texas


“After this, we’ll get a real workout jogging around Jericho seven times!”

—Paula Schwartzmann, Mesa, Arizona


“Ok, I promise. This should be the last body of water we cross using this arrangement.”

—Tord G. Emanuel Nyberg, Jarfalla, Sweden


“What do you mean this ark can’t float?”

—Mary Elizabeth Ellard, Atlanta, Georgia


“Check the GPS; this is the wrong place to cross.”

—Susan Rowell, Knoxville, Tennessee


“He parted the waters but forgot to dry the mud.”

—John Huckstep, Post Falls, Idaho


“Don’t worry, they have tunics at Linens’n’Things in Jericho.”

—Jonathan Lipnick, Jerusalem, Israel


“Dry ground my foot.”

—Stanley Ponczek, Tucson, Arizona


“Well, it worked the first time.”

—J. Cynthia Weber, New York, New York


“Enough with the miracles. Let’s use the bridge next time.”

—Joseph Hynds, Branford, Connecticut


“When Moses performed this miracle, it was dry land!”

—Mark Davis, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


“I swear this was not in the job description.”

—Jeffrey S. Wilson, Olivette, Mis

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