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Biblical Archaeology Review Summer 2021: Winners

And the Winner Is …

Image credit: Eric Carlson

“This guy’s diet bugs me!”
—Craig Young, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our Summer 2021 cartoon, based on Matthew 3:4: “Now John wore clothing of camel’s hair with a leather belt around his waist, and his food was locusts and wild honey.” We are pleased to congratulate Craig Young of Colorado Springs, Colorado, who wrote the winning caption.


“Now that’s a low-carb diet!”
—Martin Blumenthal, Highland Park, Illinois

“If you can’t beat them, eat them.”
—Ernesto M. Obregon, Trussville, Alabama

Honorable Mentions:

Locust and honey, breakfast of Baptists!
Thomas Massoth, Bakersfield, California

Fried locusts with wild honey dipping sauce—the first Hoppy Meal!
—Linda Varnes, Nampa, Idaho

“John, don’t you think you’re taking this paleo diet fad a bit too far?”
—Chris Whitmarsh, Niskayuna, New York

“One less plague we have to worry about.”
—Richard Wolf, Westminster, Maryland

“Don’t bug me! It’s dinner time.”
—Russell Capson, South Jordan, Utah

“The way I see it, a prophet can call for a plague of them or a plate.”
—Steve Dalzell, Washington, DC

“John, I feel you are going to lose your head over this locusts and wild honey addiction you have.”
—Denise Mcneill, Wilmington, North Carolina

The first Baptist potluck!
—Tim Tuinstra, Sparta, Michigan

“No wonder he maintains his waistline.”
—Oreta Marie Samples, Knoxville, Georgia

“Maybe it was a mistake to invite John to this all-you-can-eat Locust Buffet.”
—Wayne F. Steury, Clifton, Colorado

Bob and Susie were excited to be invited to John’s house for dinner until they remembered his special diet.
—Mike Boyle, Streamwood, Illinois

“Is this low-carb diet a requirement after baptism?”
—Larry Love, Vero Beach, Florida

“Teenagers! First it was his clothing, and now it’s his food!”
—William Thomas III, Alliance, Ohio

“Nazareth? Can good locusts come from there?”
—Kent Adams, Edisto Island, South Carolina

“GrubHub will deliver anything these days!”
—Audrey Hildebrand, Leaf River, Illinois

“What’s the matter, Zachariah? Speechless again?”
—Aaron Adams, Greeley, Colorado

“You know, Elizabeth, this really says something about your cooking.”
—Heather Lingner, Wilmette, Illinois

“He must take after your side of the family.”
—Wanda Clark, Union Bridge, Maryland

“A spoonful of honey makes the locusts go down in the most delightful way.”
—Julian Ey, Silver Spring, Maryland

“Now I understand why JB Pest Control has been so successful around here!”
—John Switzer, Ocean Springs, Mississippi

“It tastes like quail.”
—Andy Stafford, Bloomington, Indiana

“Locusts!!! I prefer them well-done with honey Dijon mustard.”
—Oded Borowski, Decatur, Georgia

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