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Spring 2023 Caption Contest Winners

And the Winner Is …

Image credit: Eric Carlson

“Goodness gracious, great Baals of fire!”
—Trenton R. Ferro, Shorewood, Illinois 

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our Spring 2023 cartoon, based on 1 Kings 18:38: “Then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt offering, the wood, the stones, and the dust and even licked up the water that was in the trench.” We are pleased to congratulate Trenton R. Ferro of Shorewood, Illinois, who wrote the winning caption.


“Whoa! Where’s the beef?”
—Bruce B. Beach, Crossville, Tennessee

And God said, “Let there be s’mores!”
—Fern Nissenbaum, Brooklyn, New York

Honorable Mentions:

“We’d better Baal!”
—Walter Marlowe, Leuven, Belgium

“But I wanted it medium rare.”
—Owen Camp, Chattanooga, Tennessee

“Elijah turns every BBQ opportunity into Fire and Brimstone!”
—Jere Wilson, Terryville, Connecticut

“I thought there was a burn ban!”
Yisraela Tubman, Eugene, Oregon

“That’s what I call well done!”
Laurel Meyer, Winder, Georgia

“I told him I wanted my meat well done, but this is ridiculous.”
Kenneth Harper, Birmingham, Alabama

“Think you used enough starter fluid there?”
Dennis B. Swaney, Prescott, Arizona

“There goes the neighborhood!”
Carole Lunde, Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Origin Story: “Holy Smoke!!!”
Michael Carniello, Deerfield, Illinois

“Who needs a BBQ when you have a prophet on hand?”
David A. Diaz, Los Angeles, California

“Where is Smokey when you need him?”
Ernie Gautreau, Richland, Washington

“Run for it, boys! Elijah’s all fired up!”
Rev. Chad C. Fernald, Trinity, Florida

“Holy Smokes! That’s how our God roasts the competition.”
Reinhardt Haukenfrers, Peoria, Arizona

The false prophets were feeling the heat.
Robert Samples, Round Rock, Texas

“We’re going to need more marshmallows.”
John Linton Smith, Sugar Hill, Georgia

“The prophets of Baal were fired, and Elijah, through God, was hired!
Elizabeth T. Notto, Tucson, Arizona

“I don’t think that is carbon neutral.”
Terry Lamers, Dallas, Oregon

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