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Spring 2020 Caption Contest Winners

Biblical Archaeology Review Spring 2020: Winners

And the Winner Is …

“Sonshine … on my boulder … makes me happy.”
—Dale Stout, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our Spring 2020 cartoon, based on Matthew 28:2–7. We are pleased to congratulate Dale Stout of Colorado Springs, Colorado, who wrote the winning caption.


“… but a rolled stone gathers an angel!”
—James Barrett, Worcester, Massachusetts

“Yes, Mary, he did leave a forwarding address.”
—Bill Duncan, Orlando, Florida

Staff Caption:

“No mask, no entry.”
—Bob Cargill, Editor

Honorable Mentions:

“Mary, what a weekend that was!”
—Patricia A. Jedrick, Bluffton, South Carolina

“How do you get your whites so bright?”
—Gary Graham, Veneta, Pennsylvania

“Jesus has left the building.”
—Todd Konkel, Vienna, Austria

“Well, did he say when he was coming back?”
—Harold W. Faber, Fullterton, California

“This is no rock and roll fantasy, spice girls.”
—Kirk Peterson, Milford, Ohio

“That was a grand opening. You got news?”
—William Crayner, Evansville, Indiana

“Look, I’m just the messenger.”
—Bonnie Quigg, Sun City, Arizona

“What took you so long?”
—Margaret Lach, Orange City, Florida

“Would you please keep it down out here? The noise and light are enough to wake the dead!”
—Jerry Taylor, Kingsley, Michigan

“A stepladder would be helpful.”
—Spike Y. Jones, Dundalk, Maryland

“Just sit tight—I’ve sent the gardener to fetch ‘ol Jacob’s ladder.”
—Steve Turechek, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Hey, Mary, you might wanna write down the GPS coordinates for this one.”
—Tord G. Emanuel Nyberg, Jarfalla, Sweden

“Excuse me, sir, would you mind coming down and shedding some light on the subject?”
—Patricia Erbele, Hesperia, California

“The hard work is done, and now you show up!”
—Carol Brooks, Redford, Michigan

“Thanks for the offer to tidy up, but everything is done, and the linens all folded.”
—Larry G. Hardison, South Hill, Washington

“Did Mother Mary beat me here?”
—Fenton Groff, Mayslanding, New Jersey

“Now that’s what I call shake, rattle, and roll!”
—Ellen Bartelli, Yakima, Washington

“I rocked and rolled it, and the rest is history!”
—Marilyn Wilson, Zionsville, Indiana

“Best comeback in history, and I had the best seat in the house.”
—Dennis Dwyer, Oakton, Virginia

“Gonna get my picture on the cover of Rolling Stone!”
—Jimmy Cabaniss, Berry, Alabama

“I can let you have this one cheap. The owner never used it, and the only occupant left after three days.”
—Lawrence VanArendonk, Indianapolis, Indiana

“You got yourself up there. Now get yourself down.”
—Rhys E. Service, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

“The hours are kinda strange, but I get to travel a lot and meet interesting people.”
—Jerry Fust, Saint Johns, Michigan

“Do you always make an entrance like that?”
—Dennis Willmer, Tucson, Arizona

“I don’t know. I’m only a temp here.”
—Ray Reeder, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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