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November/December 2019 Caption Contest Winners

Biblical Archaeology Review November/December 2019: Winners

“I’m telling you, nothing rhymes with Sisera.”
—Richard James Wolf, Westminster, Maryland

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our November/December 2019 cartoon (above), based on Judges 5:1. We are pleased to congratulate Richard James Wolf of Westminster, Maryland, who wrote the winning caption.


“You probably think this song is about you.”
—Sarah Konkel, Dulles, Virginia

“Deborah, that’s an abacus!”
—Pat Sisson, Knoxville, Tennessee

Staff Captions

“No, no … play it in Aleph minor.”
—Bob Cargill, Editor

Honorable Mention

“Hey Ms. Tambourine Woman, play a psalm for me.”
—Dave Rogoff, Temple Terrace, Florida

“I bet we could get a gig at the next Feast of Trumpets.”
—Karl Miller, Shaw Island, Washington

“I’d be a lyre if I said you had any rhythm.”
—Nate Barker, Croghan, New York

“You know, Deborah, I never was good at playing the lead.”
—Patrick V. Dye, Independence, Missouri

“Repeat it several times, Deb. It’s a praise song, not a hymn.”
—Susan Nelson, Minden, Nevada

“I hope you won’t judge me if I let you lead.”
—Rick D. Tucker, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

“What if in the new version we don’t repeat so much of the melodrama?”
—Norm Jense, New Canaan, Connecticut

“Can you give me a B-flat?”
—Edward Van Wicklen, York, Pennsylvania

“Look, Debbie, I know I said I wouldn’t go unless you went with me, but that doesn’t entitle you to top billing now.”
—Norma Autrey, Bradley, South Carolina

“No, not tambourine—more cowbell!”
—Chris Eck, Elgin, Minnesota

“You won’t sing unless I sing with you?”
—Susan Watson, Lenoir City, Tennessee

“Do I start, or do you?”
—Roberto Godoybaca, Dundurn, Saskatchewan, Canada

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