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July/August/September/October 2019 Caption Contest Winners

Biblical Archaeology Review July/August/September/October 2019: Winners

“I’m really dreading this.”
—Dale Stout, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our July/August/September/October 2019 cartoon, based on Judges 16:15–19. We are pleased to congratulate Dale Stout of Colorado Springs, Colorado, who wrote the winning caption, and our runners-up:


“This cut will be all the rage in Philistia!”
—Jeff Fackler, Cleona, Pennsylvania

“Shave and a haircut— two pieces of silver.”
—Richard Friesenhengst, Columbus, Ohio

Honorable Mentions

“That haircut sure took a lot out of me.”
—Jason French, Water Valley, Mississippi

“The worst mistakes in life begin with a haircut.”
—Linda Bowen, Littleton, North Carolina

“See sells sea sells by the sea sore?”
—Joe Schoenecker, Saint Cloud, Minnesota

“Athk me again when the Novocaine from my tooth ecthraction wearth off!”
—Thomas J. Tripiciano, Rochester, New York

“Was it something I said?”
—Michele Wilby, Lincoln, Nebraska

“Bad time to be tongue tied.”
—Milke Gerberi, Oxford, Mississippi

“Easy for you to say.”
—Anne Kiehle, San Antonio, Texas

“Can I spell it for you instead?”
—Kenneth Becker, East Dundee, Illinois

“Point well taken.”
—Robert Suskie, Roslyn, Pennsylvania

“I can pronounce ‘freedom of religion’ properly.”
—Joseph Woods, New Holland, Pennsylvania

“Ok, ok, I changed my mind—the sword IS mightier than the pen!”
—Peter Schindler, Parkersburg, West Virginia

“What did I say to put you on edge?”
—Martin Poluse, Painesville, Ohio

“Just a little off the top, if you please!”
—Scott Swehla, Waukon, Iowa

“The ‘h’ wasn’t silent?”
—Linda Bowen, Littleton, North Carolina

You say Shibboleth, and I say Sibboleth. Let’s call the whole thing off!”
—Joseph P. Lavelle, Moscow, Pennsylvania

Luckily, his lisp let him pronounce the password correctly.”
—Joan Feck, Carey, Ohio

“Actually, I DO see your point.”
—Chuck Bradshaw, Opelika, Alabama

“I need some wine before I say that.”
—Julie Suchanek, Hampton, Illinois

“Please use the word in a sentence.”
—Shon Pernice, Moberly, Missouri

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