Summer 2022 Caption Contest Winners

Biblical Archaeology Review Summer 2022: Winners

And the Winner Is …

Image credit: Eric Carlson

I may be in De-Nile, but this looks more like the Red Sea to me!”
—Jay Levy, Sherman Oaks, California
Thank you to all those who submitted caption entries for our Summer 2022 cartoon, based on Exodus 7:20: “Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord commanded. In the sight of Pharaoh and of his officials he lifted up the staff and struck the water in the river, and all the water in the river was turned into blood.” We are pleased to congratulate Jay Levy of Sherman Oaks, California, who wrote the winning caption.


“If you had asked politely, it might have been wine!”
Michael J. Preston, Sausalito, California

“Clean up! Nile 5.”
—Marc Tuley, Carthage, Tennessee

Honorable Mentions:

“Don’t drink THAT Kool-Aid.”
—John W. Posey, St. Louis, Missouri

“This will ruin my crocs.”
—Ellen Covington, Wellsville, Missouri

“No more staff meetings.”
Dale Stout, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Moses had Pharaoh seeing red.
—Debi Cain, Strongsville, Ohio

“Can you turn it to wine now?”
—Thomas Massoth, Bakersfield, California

“Blood is really thicker than water!”
—Jack Davidson, Lancaster, Ohio

“Has the Red Cross been alerted?”
—Ron Nowland, La Crosse, Wisconsin

“The Pharaonic Environmental Protection Agency is going to impose one heck of a fine for this one!”
—Thomas W. Hamilton, Staten Island, New York

“Definitely some bad blood exists between us and Moses.”
—Roger A. Dibb, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Well, they were predicting a red wave …”
—Lynda C. Baker, Lander, Wyoming

And that is when the team at the Cairo Bloodmobile realized that this Thursday’s blood drive would not be necessary.
—Tim Kerry Pagel, Jupiter, Florida

“I don’t think this is our answer for Crocodile Control!”
—Teresa Oliver, Saint Landry, Louisiana

“I’ve heard of the pool being closed before, but this is ridiculous!”
—Ari Elias Bachrach, Silver Spring, Maryland

“If you think this is a blood bath, wait til you see what’s coming next!”
—Marlaine Peachey, Mandeville, Louisiana

“What? You’re scared of a little red tide?!”
—Rosalind Rupp, Lafayette, Indiana

“This is not a pigment of your imagination!”
—Marvin M. Karp, Mashpee, Massachusetts

“Don’t be walking in denial when the river turns red, or you’ll soon be underwater in a sea that’s red.”
—Robert Joy, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Hapi’s not going to be happy!”
—Ben Miller, Bethesda, Maryland

“And all this time I thought the Red River was in Texas.”
—Glen McMahan, Brookings, Oregon

“At least it’s not an election year.”
—Mark Kimmet, Granite Falls, North Carolina

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