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The Charter Issue of Biblical Archaeology Review magazine is very special, filled with content that would make any Bible history enthusiast smile with delight and appreciation—when this issue was first published in March 1975, here is what we said to introduce it:

BAR classic cover“The aim of The Biblical Archaeology Review is to make available in understandable language the current insights of professional archaeology as they relate to the Bible. No other publication is presently devoted to this task.

While on occasion we may make an original contribution to knowledge, that will be unusual. Our primary function will be reportorial. However, we hope that we will often say things better and more understandably than they have been said before. And that in itself is a contribution.”

And our original mission to serve subscribers like you hasn’t changed at all since 1975!

The debut issue of Biblical Archaeology Review contains fascinating content about archaeology in Biblical lands, including:

  • Nelson Glueck and King Solomon—A Romance that Ended
    In 1935, Nelson Glueck of Hebrew Union College conducted a survey of the Negev which astounded a generation of Bible students at what could be learned from surface finds alone. Among these finds in the Aravah rift (also found a year earlier by German scholar Fritz Frank) were a large number of copper slag heaps and, even more surprising, seven camps where the copper smelters, or perhaps the miners, must have lived. On the basis of some pottery sherds found nearby, Glueck attributed this copper mining operation to King Solomon and concluded that here lay the source of much of his great wealth.

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  • Hazor, the Head of All Those Kingdoms
    The site of Hazor, located in upper Galilee, consists of a 30-acre upper tell, plus an adjacent plateau at a lower level of over 175 acres. The tell, unlike the plateau, was occupied almost continuously from the 27th century B.C. to the 2nd century B.C. By contrast, the plateau, or lower city, was a part of Hazor only during the Middle and Late Bronze Ages, from about the time of Abraham to the Israelite conquest. This was the Canaanite period, when Hazor was at its zenith, when, as the Bible tells us, Hazor was “the head of all those kingdoms” (Josh. 11:10), a characterization confirmed by archaeological excavations. In Canaanite times, Hazor was the largest city in the area. Excavations also confirm that this great city was destroyed and burned by Joshua (Josh. 11:11–12).
  • Where Is Biblical Debir?
    Debir, a district capital of the Judean monarchy which figures prominently in Joshua and Judges, was misidentified by the great William F. Albright, according to Professor Moshe Kochavi of Tel Aviv University. Professor Kochavi argues that he, not Albright has excavated the true site of Debir—at Khirbet Rabud, in the Judean hill country, twelve miles southwest of Hebron.
  • Horned Altar for Animal Sacrifice Unearthed at Beer-Sheva
    The first horned animal altar ever unearthed in ancient Israel was recently excavated by Professor Yohanan Aharoni at Tell Beer-Sheva. The exacavator dates the altar from the 8th century B.C. and possibly earlier.

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