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Scott Brown: My Thoughts on the Reports by Venetia Anastasopoulou

01/24 | Back to Did Morton Smith Forge “Secret Mark”?

[caption id=”attachment_10745″ align=”alignright” width=”229″ caption=”The controversial text that Smith discovered was a Greek manuscript written on the endpages of a 17th-century book. The   Read more…

Alan D. Crown (1932–2010)

11/19 | Alan D. Crown, emeritus professor of Semitic studies at the University of Sydney (Australia), where he also earned his Ph.D., died last November after suffering a stroke. He was 78.

Crown   Read more…

Ehud Netzer (1934–2010)

11/19 | Ehud Netzer, the world’s leading authority on Herodian architecture and a prominent Israeli archaeologist, died on October 27 from a fall at Herodium where he had been digging for 38   Read more…

Raphael Golb’s Sentencing

11/18 |

Raphael Golb gets six months in prison for impersonating Dead Sea Scrolls scholar

by Melissa Grace, from New York Daily News

A disbarred lawyer convicted of impersonating a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar   Read more…

Raphael Golb’s Conviction

10/01 |

Manhattan lawyer Raphael Golb convicted of impersonating, harassing NYU Dead Sea Scrolls professor

by Melissa Grace, from New York Daily News

A Manhattan lawyer was convicted Thursday of impersonating and harassing a   Read more…

Jacob Milgrom (1923–2010)

08/25 | Eminent Biblical scholar and rabbi Jacob Milgrom died on June 6 in Jerusalem. He was 87 years old.

A professor emeritus of Near Eastern studies at the University of California, Berkeley,   Read more…

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