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September/October 2015


Was Eve created from Adam’s rib? Did the site of Kadesh-Barnea exist at the time of the Exodus? Was the world’s oldest complete manuscript of the New Testament, the Codex Sinaiticus, stolen? Is the “brother of Jesus” ossuary a forgery? The September/October 2015 issue of BAR tackles these questions and others. In the lead article Was Eve Made from Adam’s Rib—or His Baculum? by Ziony Zevit, a controversial Bible translation is put forward. The Book of Genesis tells us that God created woman from one of Adam’s ribs, but Zevit contends that Eve actually came from a different part of Adam’s body—his baculum.

David Ussishkin, Lily Singer-Avitz and Hershel Shanks analyze the site of Kadesh-Barnea, Tell el-Qudeirat, in Kadesh-Barnea—In the Bible and on the Ground. A new pottery analysis has important implications as to whether or not Kadesh-Barnea was settled at the time of the Exodus.

Two hundred years after Constantine Tischendorf’s birth, questions remain as to the conditions of his removal of Codex Sinaiticus from St. Catherine’s Monastery. Stanley E. Porter argues that Tischendorf should be considered a hero, not a thief, in Hero or Thief? Constantine Tischendorf Turns Two Hundred.

Although the famous “brother of Jesus” inscription on an ancient ossuary has been authenticated by two world-class paleographers, American paleographer Christopher Rollston has questioned its authenticity. In Predilections—Is the “Brother of Jesus” Inscription a Forgery? Hershel Shanks reviews his case.

Also included in this issue is the First Person column, Is “Bible” a Dirty Word? by Hershel Shanks; the Bible in the News column, Rehabilitating Rahab, by Leonard J. Greenspoon; the Biblical Views column, Paul, Jesus and the Rolling Stone, by John Byron; and the Archaeological Views column, How Canaanites Worshiped, by Itzick Shai. Two reviews are featured as well: Henry Maguire reviews Mosaics of Faith: Floors of Pagans, Jews, Samaritans, Christians, and Muslims in the Holy Land (Yad Ben-Zvi Press, 2014) by Rina Talgam, and Aren M. Maeir reviews Archaeology Essentials: Theories, Methods, Practice, 3rd ed. (Thames and Hudson, 2015) by Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn.

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