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November/December 2018

This holiday season, journey with us to save the language of Jesus, visit the church where the Council of Nicea may have been held, learn about the lives of ancient children, and explore the palaces of the Hasmonean kings—of Hanukkah fame! All this and more appears in the November/December 2018 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review. Further, explore Nimrod Fortress, the development of codices, and the appearance of camels in the Biblical text.

Visit us online at Bible History Daily to see the latest news in Biblical archaeology, as well as additional articles and videos about key Bible and archaeology topics, including a selection of important menorah depictions from antiquity. Be sure to explore the BAS Library, which features every article ever published in BAR, Bible Review and Archaeology Odyssey, all footnoted articles in BAR Notables and Special Collections of articles curated by BAS editors, including a special collection about the birth of Jesus. Also, check out the free eBook The First Christmas: The Story of Jesus’ Birth in History and Tradition to learn more about the Christmas story.

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