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July/August 2018

From Egypt to Israel and beyond, the July/August 2018 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review features the latest discoveries in the world of Biblical archaeology! Start in the tomb of ‘Abdiel, an Egyptian vizier with a Semitic name. After exploring his tomb and identity, journey north to investigate the site of Khirbet el-Mastarah and to look for evidence of the early Israelites in the Jordan Valley. Return to Egypt to analyze an enigmatic papyrus that contains three Israelite psalms. Then celebrate the legacies of three archaeological giants—Lawrence E. Stager, Ephraim Stern, and James F. Strange—who shaped and influenced the field of Biblical archaeology. Additionally, explore the prehistoric diet at Tel Tsaf in Israel, look for the scribes in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and come face to face with ancient Greek warriors.

Visit us online at Bible History Daily to see the latest news in Biblical archaeology, as well as additional articles and videos about key Bible and archaeology topics, including an article by T.M. Lemos of Huron University College about violence against children in the Hebrew Bible. Further, explore the translations of what may be three Israelite psalms in an Egyptian papyrus. And be sure to explore the BAS Library, which features every article ever published in BAR, Bible Review and Archaeology Odyssey, all footnoted articles in BAR Notables and Special Collections of articles curated by BAS editors. Revisit some notable BAR articles by Lawrence E. Stager, Ephraim Stern, and James F. Strange, which have been compiled by BAS editors in a special collection to celebrate the legacies of these three archaeological giants.

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