Praise for Ancient Israel

This book has been an integral part of my courses on ancient Israel since it first appeared three decades ago, so I’m very glad to see this newly revised edition! Concise and readable, this updated version will be enjoyed by students and the general public alike.

Professor of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies and of Anthropology, the George Washington University, DC

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Here you have a very readable and accessible account of Israel’s history suitable as a textbook for college and seminary students of the Bible and lay people alike.

For those of us who first encountered literary criticism applied to the Bible in John Bright’s classic A History of Israel, which went through four editions, it is good to see that the fourth edition of the Biblical Archaeology Society’s Ancient Israel is doing an even better job of focusing on history (not just material culture and literary reflections) than was the case in previous editions of both these works. There are other upgrades as well, for instance a concerted effort to properly chronicle the contributions of women to the story of Israel in its various periods and phases.

Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary; Emeritus Doctoral Faculty, St. Andrews University, Scotland

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The Biblical Archaeology Society’s Ancient Israel continues to be a reliable introduction to the study of ancient Israel. By utilizing archaeology, ancient texts (biblical and other textual sources), as well as up-to-date scholarship, this volume will prove to be a valuable source to anyone interested in learning more about ancient Israel, from the ancestor narratives to the revolts against the Romans. For those wanting more information, it provides useful resources for further reading as well as making connections to previous Biblical Archaeology Review issues. Ancient Israel would be a significant contribution to any home library.

Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible and Archaeology, William Jessup University, California

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I look forward to the publication of this new edition and to using it in my classes. Since the publication of its first edition in 1988, Ancient Israel has provided students, members of adult study groups, and general readers with an entrée into the history of ancient Israel. While much of the core material remains, the volume has been updated by first-rate scholars to integrate recent archaeological findings and the latest scholarly conclusions. Historical issues are reassessed, theological differences are reevaluated, and the important role of women in ancient Israel is highlighted. Its compact size, accessibility, and visual draw will make this new edition of Ancient Israel widely appealing for a new generation of readers.

Professor of Religion, Averett University, Danville, Virginia

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