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Allan J. Pantuck: Response to Tselikas Handwriting Analysis

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In May 2011 Greek paleographer Agamemnon Tselikas offered his report on the authenticity of the Clement letter containing “Secret Mark.” Dr. Tselikas is director of the Center for History and Paleography of the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation and also of the Mediterranean Research Institute for Paleography, Bibliography and History of Texts.

Tselikas explained that the handwriting of the Clement letter indicates forgery or imitation of 18th-century Greek script. Tselikas concluded that Morton Smith’s opportunity and motive make him the most likely suspect and that Smith probably forged the letter or had someone else do it for him before bringing the book to Mar Saba.

Dr. Allan J. Pantuck now responds to Tselikas’s analysis, raising questions about several of his conclusions and the facts he used to support them.

Allan J. Pantuck: Response to Tselikas Handwriting Analysis [2]