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Hidden from View

07/02 | The Roman siege of Jerusalem during the First Jewish Revolt in the first century A.D. forced many of the city’s residents into starvation. For the first time, evidence possibly connected   Read more…

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The Fiscus Judaicus and the Parting of the Ways

10/10 | The fiscus Judaicus was a tax imposed on the Jews of the Roman Empire by Emperor Vespasian in the early 70s C.E. Whereas formerly the Jews had sent a half   Read more…

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Have the Tombs of the Kings of Judah Been Found?: A Response

09/21 | In a 1987 issue of BAR, Hershel Shanks presented a summary of Amos Kloner’s 1986 article in which the Israeli archaeologist argues that the burial caves at the Dominican   Read more…

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