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Mesopotamian “Receipts” Illuminated by 3D Technology

10/16 | Employing advanced technology, researchers are coming closer to understanding clay balls used in economic transactions in fourth-millennium B.C.E. Mesopotamia.   Read more…

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Back-Breakers from Ashkelon and Hazor

04/03 | William G. Dever reviews “Ashkelon 3 The Seventh Century B.C.” and “Hazor: The 1990–2009 Excavations: The Iron Age” by Lawrence E. Stager, Daniel M. Master, J. David Schloen, Amnon Ben-Tor,   Read more…

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Controversial Qeiyafa Comes to U.S. Museum

02/13 | Since the beginning of Dr. Yosef Garfinkel’s excavation at Khirbet Qeiyafa in 2007, the site has been producing exciting and controversial finds that have kept the Biblical archaeology world buzzing.   Read more…

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