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Biblical Archaeology Review Contributors Awarded Levi-Sala Book Prizes

06/28 | Several popular Biblical Archaeology Review contributors were recognized at the 2012 Irene Levi-Sala Annual Research Seminar in Beer Sheva, Israel. The prestigious book prizes are given “to encourage and reward   Read more…

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The Value of Relics and Biblical Artifacts Found in Israel

06/08 | To many professional archaeologists, “relic” is a dirty word. Biblical artifacts found to have a direct connection to a specific person or story in the Bible are sometimes denigrated as   Read more…

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Mikva’ot in Galilean Caves Suggest Lives of Refuge and Religion

04/27 | Recent investigations have identified five mikva’ot (singular: mikveh), or Jewish ritual baths, in caves on the Galilean cliffs of Arbel, revealing the highly religious orientation of the inhabitants.   Read more…

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