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The Philistines in Jordan

01/30 | Archaeology often paints a distinctively Mediterranean picture of the Philistines. Recent excavations at Tell Abu al-Kharaz in Jordan, a site associated with the Biblical city Jabesh Gilead where Saul and   Read more…

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Was Biblical Israel an Egalitarian Society?

07/12 | Through most of the Iron Age (1200–586 B.C.E.), the heartland of Biblical Israel was the rugged central hill country, from northern Samaria to the Hebron hills south of Jerusalem. While   Read more…

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Education from the Trenches

07/03 | Last summer Nichole Moos, a public school teacher from Hamilton Elementary School in Chicago participated in the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon in Israel and developed curriculum for a pre-K   Read more…

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