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Biblical Pharisees and Jewish Halakhah

07/15 | Were the Biblical Pharisees really as bad as the New Testament makes them seem? Professor Roland Deines of the University of Nottingham thinks not.   Read more…

Posted in Daily Life and Practice, People & Cultures in the Bible.

A Feast for the Senses … and the Soul

05/08 | Go on a journey of the senses through history and discover the significance of ritual feasts and meals in antiquity.   Read more…

Posted in Ancient Cultures, Ancient Israel, Daily Life and Practice, The Ancient Near Eastern World.

Josephus on the Essenes

03/01 | Josephus’s commentaries on the laws and characteristics of the Essene community have been invaluable to scholars studying ancient Jewish laws and customs.   Read more…

Posted in Dead Sea Scrolls, People in the Bible.

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