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Understanding Revelations in the Bible

03/25 | Whether we’re looking for gospel meaning or struggling with understanding revelations in the Bible, Ben Witherington III, author of the article “Asking the Right Question,” says historical Bible study can   Read more…

Posted in Bible Interpretation, New Testament.

Piety Preserved

12/23 | Many manuscripts—literally, documents written by hand—from medieval Europe were supplemented with decorations that ranged from ornate initials and borders to illuminations that dominated the page. For a largely illiterate population,   Read more…

Posted in Bible Versions and Translations, Exhibits/Events.

“Is This Not the Carpenter?”

12/12 | Victor Paul Furnish reviews “‘Is This Not the Carpenter?’ The Question of the Historicity of the Figure of Jesus” edited by Thomas L. Thompson and Thomas S. Verenna.   Read more…

Posted in Biblical Archaeology Topics, Reviews.

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