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The Edomite Stronghold of Sela

05/15 | In one of the Old Testament’s colder and more brutal episodes, King Amaziah of Judah (c. 801–783 B.C.E.), after having slain nearly 10,000 Edomites in battle near the southern end   Read more…

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Re-dating Nabatean Farming at Petra

01/03 | Researchers examining dam construction and terrace farming techniques at Petra suggest that the Nabateans began employing these techniques around the first century, rather than the earlier Iron Age chronology hypothesized   Read more…

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Exposing Petra’s North Ridge

10/31 | This summer, NC State and East Carolina University began a new excavation on Petra’s North Ridge, exposing evidence from shaft tombs, domestic structures and new evidence of the city wall.   Read more…

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