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Early Christian Art Symbols Endure after Iconoclast Attack

04/13 | Depictions of fish and fishermen can be found in the colorful floor mosaics at the sixth-century C.E. basilica at Horvat Beit Loya. The mosaics were defaced by iconoclasts in the   Read more…

Posted in Post-Biblical Period.

The Roman House and the Neo-Assyrian Empire: Two D.C.-Area Lectures

04/07 | The Washington, D.C.-area Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia and Biblical Archaeology Forum will be hosting the lectures “Theatrical Scenes in Roman Houses” (April 12, 2015) and “Extreme Violence Under   Read more…

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Ancient Synagogues in Israel and the Diaspora

04/06 | Rachel Hachlili examines ancient synagogues in Israel and throughout the ancient Near East.   Read more…

Posted in Daily Life and Practice, New Testament, Temple at Jerusalem.

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