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Ancient Coins and Looting

06/18 | If archaeologists are the detectives of history, then ancient coins are the “smoking guns” of the ancient crime scene. Looting removes this evidence.   Read more…

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The Importance of Bible Artifacts Found Outside the Trench: The Moabite Stone

10/24 | A product of archaeological looting, the Mesha Stele, or Moabite Stone, provides yet another example of the value of unprovenanced Biblical artifacts, that is, Bible artifacts found outside of a   Read more…

Posted in Artifacts and the Bible, Inscriptions.

Syrian Antiquities Can’t Escape Violence

04/11 | According to Syria’s director of museums, many of the country’s famous antiquities sites and museums are beginning to suffer from the violent political unrest that has engulfed the country. Hiba   Read more…

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