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Did Jesus Exist? Searching for Evidence Beyond the Bible

12/03 | Did Jesus of Nazareth, “the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5), really exist? What’s the evidence outside of the Bible? Classical and Jewish writings from the first several centuries C.E.   Read more…

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Three Takes on the Oldest Hebrew Inscription

08/08 | In the May/June 2012 BAR, epigrapher Christopher A. Rollston considered four contenders as candidates for the oldest Hebrew inscription. Rollston’s thoughtful discussion was met by dissenting responses from distinguished archaeological   Read more…

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Some Very Uncommon Names

01/30 | Back to “Jesus Tomb” Controversy Erupts—Again

Eldad Keynan, Ph.D. candidate in Jewish history at Bar-Ilan University

I was invited to the Talpiot Tomb symposium and had the honor to present two papers.   Read more…

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