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First Person: A Scepter from the Temple?

05/30 | In his First Person column in the May/June 2016 issue of BAR, Hershel Shanks asks: Where is the paleographer who says the ivory pomegranate is fake?   Read more…

Posted in Artifacts and the Bible.

On What Day Did Jesus Rise?

04/18 | On what day did Jesus rise? After three days or on the third day? Ben Witherington III examines this question in BAR.   Read more…

Posted in Bible Interpretation.

The Norton Anthology of World Religions

04/08 | Bruce Chilton reviews “The Norton Anthology of World Religions” edited by Jack Miles, Wendy Doniger, Donald Lopez Jr. and James Robson (vol. 1); and Jack Miles, David Biale, Lawrence Cunningham   Read more…

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