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Inmate Turns Egyptologist Through Study of Hieroglyphs (and BAR)

03/16 | Timothy Fenstermacher, an inmate at Tehachapi State Prison, surprised Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) editors in 2010 with an insightful response regarding the distribution of the so-called “Sinai hieroglyph” referenced in   Read more…

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Anson F. Rainey (1930–2011)

04/18 | Anson F. Rainey, Israel’s leading historical geographer of the land of the Bible and a master of cuneiform languages such as Akkadian and Ugaritic, as well as ancient Egyptian (hieroglyphic   Read more…

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Rainey’s First Critique

08/25 | Back to Who Really Invented the Alphabet—Illiterate Miners or Educated Sophisticates?

Turquoise Miners Did Not Invent the Alphabet

Thank you for the beautifully illustrated article on the invention of the alphabet by   Read more…

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