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Oded’s Other Ossuary

02/26 | The James Ossuary was only one of three ossuaries in Golan’s collection. Another revealed an important Jewish community in central Syria in Apamea and Palmyra in the time of Jesus   Read more…

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The Destruction of Pompeii—God’s Revenge?

02/20 | Nine years, almost to the day, after Roman legionaries destroyed God’s house in Jerusalem, the luxurious watering holes of the Roman elite at Pompeii were destroyed in a volcanic eruption.   Read more…

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Why Did Judas Identify Jesus with a Kiss?

12/24 | I’ve been reading a new book titled Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem “On the Life and the Passion of Christ”: A Coptic Apocryphon by the Dutch scholar Roelof van den Broek.1 In   Read more…

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