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Three Takes on the Oldest Hebrew Inscription

08/08 | In the May/June 2012 BAR, epigrapher Christopher A. Rollston considered four contenders as candidates for the oldest Hebrew inscription. Rollston’s thoughtful discussion was met by dissenting responses from distinguished archaeological   Read more…

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Can Abecedaries Be Used to Date the Book of Psalms?

07/13 | Mitchell First compares ancient abecedaries to the Book of Psalms for a new perspective on letter order in the ancient Hebrew alphabet.   Read more…

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A Minimalist Disputes His Demise

06/19 | Yosef Garfinkel responds to Philip Davies’ response on the Bible and Interpretation Web site. In it, he accuses Yosef Garfinkel of “misrepresent[ing]” what minimalism is, of being a “careless and   Read more…

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