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Hazor Excavations Co-Director Sharon Zuckerman Passes Away

12/01 | On November 28, 2014, Dr. Sharon Zuckerman passed away. Zuckerman was co-director of the Tel Hazor excavations and senior lecturer at the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of   Read more…

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Rare Egyptian Sphinx Fragment Discovered at Hazor

07/12 | Excavators at the prominent Biblical site of Hazor in northern Israel have discovered part of a sphinx belonging to one of the pyramid-building pharaohs. All that remains of the small   Read more…

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Hazor Excavations’ Amnon Ben-Tor Reveals Who Conquered Biblical Canaanites

07/05 | The Book of Joshua describes how the Israelites vanquished the Biblical Canaanites at Hazor. But is that what really happened?   Read more…

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