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First Temple Period Inscription May Preserve Biblical Name

08/21 | A ceramic bowl with an inscription that may allude to a Biblical figure was recently uncovered among thousands of First Temple period pottery sherds, clay lamps and figurines near Jerusalem’s   Read more…

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The Walls of the Temple Mount (2 vols.)

06/07 | Shimon Gibson reviews “The Walls of the Temple Mount (2 vols.)” by Eilat Mazar (with Y. Shalev, P. Reuven, J. Steinberg and B. Balogh).   Read more…

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Proto-Aeolic Capital Kept Quiet—But Why?

04/23 | Archaeologist Binyamin Tropper recently discovered a proto-aeolic capital still attached to its column in a cave south of Jerusalem. Apparently the IAA has known about the proto-aeolic capital and column   Read more…

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