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Minoan Frescoes at Tel Kabri

07/01 | Over 100 years of excavations on Crete have exposed elegant Minoan frescoes that once adorned the walls of the island’s Bronze Age palaces. This distinctively colorful Aegean art style flourished   Read more…

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Tel Kabri: The 2013 Excavations

09/12 | The 2013 excavations at Middle Bronze Age Tel Kabri uncovered an extensive magazine containing nearly 40 restorable large Canaanite storage jars.   Read more…

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Eric H. Cline on the First Two Weeks at Tel Kabri

07/24 | During the third week of the Tel Kabri excavations, BAS web editor Noah Wiener sat down with Professor Eric H. Cline to discuss the progress made at Tel Kabri so   Read more…

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