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Who Was Jesus’ Biological Father?

11/03 | Was Joseph Jesus’ biological father? If not, who was Jesus’ biological father? Andrew Lincoln examines what early Christians thought about conception and explains how views about this subject have changed   Read more…

Posted in Bible Interpretation, Jesus/Historical Jesus, New Testament.

1,500-Year-Old Christian Amulet References Eucharist

09/05 | A Christian amulet dating to the sixth century C.E.—one of the world’s earliest known Christian amulets—has recently been brought to light at the University of Manchester.   Read more…

Posted in News, Post-Biblical Period.

Charles Fellows in Aphrodisias

02/05 | British archaeologist and explorer Sir Charles Fellows (1799–1860) discovered the ruins of a number of ancient cities in Asia Minor (modern Turkey), including Xanthus, the ancient capital of Lycia, which   Read more…

Posted in Archaeologists, Biblical Scholars & Works, Biblical Archaeology Sites.

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