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The Origin of Christianity

04/01 | Geza Vermes explores the origin of Christianity by examining the characteristics of the Jewish Jesus movement to see how it developed into a distinctly gentile religion.   Read more…

Posted in New Testament, Post-Biblical Period.

Israel Exploration Society’s Joseph Aviram Turns 100

03/30 | On March 16, 2016, Joseph Aviram, the working president of the Israel Exploration Society, turned 100 years old.   Read more…

Posted in Archaeologists, Biblical Scholars & Works.

A New Document Dated to Four Years After the Second Jewish Revolt

01/09 | During the First Jewish Revolt against Rome (66–70 C.E.), which ended with the destruction of the Temple, Jews minted their own coins dated to the first, second, third, fourth and,   Read more…

Posted in Ancient Israel.

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