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A Christian site is a historical and/or archaeological site related to the New Testament and the development of early Christianity.

The Siloam Pool: Where Jesus Healed the Blind Man

06/02 | The Siloam Pool has long been considered a sacred Christian site, even if the correct identification of the site itself was uncertain. According to the Gospel of John, it was   Read more…

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Airport Expansion Reveals the Oldest Church in Iraq

08/06 | A 2007 expansion of an airport in Najaf, Iraq exposed the remains of the earliest known Christian church in Iraq. Originally built some 1,700 years ago, the remains require proper   Read more…

Posted in News, The Ancient Near Eastern World.

Pilgrimage in Early Christian Jordan and Biblical Turkey

01/06 | Jerome Murphy-O’Connor reviews “Pilgrimage in Early Christian Jordan” by Burton MacDonald and “Biblical Turkey” by Mark Wilson.   Read more…

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