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ISIS Captures Syrian City of Palmyra

05/20 | The historic city of Palmyra in Syria has fallen to the Islamic State, according to reports.   Read more…

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Neolithic Figurine Could Lead to Reassessment of Prehistoric Israel

05/13 | A small Neolithic figurine unearthed near Beit Hilkia in south-central Israel could have archaeologists rethinking the nature of the cultures living in prehistoric Israel some 8,000 years ago.   Read more…

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Lawrence H. Schiffman on the Dead Sea Scrolls’ History

05/11 | In the May/June 2015 issue of BAR, Lawrence H. Schiffman describes the Dead Sea Scrolls’ history, from their discovery in the Qumran caves to the state of present-day scroll research.   Read more…

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