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Ancient Egypt Underwater

10/02 | Besieged by a cataclysmic earthquake and engulfed in tidal waves, the once-great cities of heracleion and canopus in Egypt’s Nile Delta sank into the sea in the eighth century A.D.   Read more…

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Survey on Field Safety (2015): Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean Basin

09/29 | This Survey on Field Safety: Middle East, North Africa, and Mediterranean Basin (2015) is designed to understand the ways in which archaeological fieldwork does—or does not—provide a safe and secure   Read more…

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First Person: Is “Bible” a Dirty Word?

09/28 | In Hershel Shanks’s First Person in the September/October 2015 issue of BAR, he wonders if the words “Bible” and “Biblical” are becoming taboo in modern politics—and in archaeology.   Read more…

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