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The Destruction of Pompeii—God’s Revenge?

08/24 | The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius destroyed the opulent vacation destinations of Roman elites in August 79 C.E.—almost exactly nine years after Roman troops destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem. Did this   Read more…

Posted in The Ancient Near Eastern World.

The Archaeology of Atheism in Ancient Athens

08/22 | In this blog post, Tim Whitmarsh explores the evidence for the location of the Garden of Epicurus in Athens, arguing that its physical position was an expression of Epicureans’ “atheistic”   Read more…

Posted in Daily Life and Practice.

New Huqoq Mosaics: Noah’s Ark and Exodus Scenes

08/22 | During the 2016 season at Huqoq, mosaics depicting two well-known Biblical stories were uncovered.   Read more…

Posted in Biblical Archaeology Sites, News.

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