Tag: Antiquities

Historical objects from antiquity, particularly from classical Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East.

ISIS Captures Syrian City of Palmyra

05/20 | The historic city of Palmyra in Syria has fallen to the Islamic State, according to reports.   Read more…

Posted in Cultural Heritage, News.

Neolithic Figurine Could Lead to Reassessment of Prehistoric Israel

05/13 | A small Neolithic figurine unearthed near Beit Hilkia in south-central Israel could have archaeologists rethinking the nature of the cultures living in prehistoric Israel some 8,000 years ago.   Read more…

Posted in Ancient Israel, News.

Alexander in the East

04/22 | When the known world proved too small, Alexander the Great set his sights east. At its height, Alexander’s empire stretched east to India, north to the Danube River and south   Read more…

Posted in The Ancient Near Eastern World.

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