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Historical objects from antiquity, particularly from classical Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East.

The Ancient Bean Diet: Fava Beans Favored in Prehistoric Israel

11/25 | A study of the seeds recovered during excavations of Neolithic sites throughout the Galilee indicates that legumes, especially fava beans, made up a substantial part of the Neolithic diet.   Read more…

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The Seleucid Akra: 2,200-Year-Old Jerusalem Fortress Uncovered?

11/13 | Archaeologists excavating in the City of David may have found the fortress that Seleucid King Antiochus constructed following his conquest of Jerusalem around 167 B.C.E.   Read more…

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Where is Queen Nefertiti’s Tomb?

11/04 | An intriguing new hypothesis is the talk of archaeologists and historians in Egypt and around the world: Does King Tut’s tomb contain Queen Nefertiti’s crypt?   Read more…

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