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The Only Ancient Jewish Male Hair Ever Found

09/27 | The braided hair of a Jewish woman was found at Masada but until recently no example of preserved hair from a Jewish male had ever been found from the late   Read more…

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The Coins of Herod: A Modern Analysis and Die Classification

06/13 | It turns out that Herod the Great was great at a lot of things—but making coins was not one of them. “Herod’s numismatic legacy is disappointing to say the least,”   Read more…

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Mikva’ot in Galilean Caves Suggest Lives of Refuge and Religion

04/27 | Recent investigations have identified five mikva’ot (singular: mikveh), or Jewish ritual baths, in caves on the Galilean cliffs of Arbel, revealing the highly religious orientation of the inhabitants.   Read more…

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