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In 1887 a Bedouin woman searching among ancient ruins near the Nile River discovered some inscribed clay tablets. This site, located 200 miles south of Cairo, was later named el-Amarna, and the tablets became known as the Amarna tablets or Amarna letters. Scholars have determined that these Amarna letters came from the royal archive of Pharaoh Akhenaten (1353–1337 B.C.), containing records of his father’s (Amenophis III) official correspondence with his various Canaanite vassal rulers.

Has Queen Nefertiti’s Tomb Been Located?

03/23 | Where is Queen Nefertiti’s tomb? Radar scans performed in King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber suggest that additional chambers lie behind the north and west walls.   Read more…

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Where is Queen Nefertiti’s Tomb?

11/04 | An intriguing new hypothesis is the talk of archaeologists and historians in Egypt and around the world: Does King Tut’s tomb contain Queen Nefertiti’s crypt?   Read more…

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When Egyptian Pharaohs Ruled Bronze Age Jerusalem

02/25 | What were Egyptian pharaohs doing in Bronze Age Jerusalem? Peter van der Veen investigates an Egyptian presence before the time of David.   Read more…

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